Introducing WIREWAX's New Player: Player 5

Updated 1 month ago by Marissa

Welcome to WIREWAX's new iFrame player, Player 5!

You can use WIREWAX's new player by heading to the Embed tab of your video. If your video is compatible with the new player, you will be able to copy and paste the embed code. 

If your video contains elements that are not compatible with the new player, it will automatically fall back to the previous player, Player 4, when viewed. 

You can still use the previous WIREWAX player if you prefer. Use the toggle provided in the Embed tab to switch back and forth to Player 5. 

Player 5 uses the URL, whereas Player 4 lives on

If you have questions about your video's current compatibility with our new player, please contact us at

Check out an example of WIREWAX's Player 5 in action. 

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